Monday, May 05, 2008

Its Janice Day

Today ( after a little stress with DHL) 3 wonderful quilts arrived from Texas!! I love Texas! Janice made and quilted these beauties and that brings our delivery number up to 44... won't the chaplain be surprised.


I have one last quilt that Mrs W. is binding, I have bagged up everything that is washed - I have a few more to wash, and then we will be ready for delivery Friday.


This weekend was very productive for me quilt wise. I bound two QOV's and (drumroll please) the Batman/Spiderman quilt I made and gave to my now 7yr old is bound. Apparently he didn't care because he slept with it anyways!

I also worked on some more string blocks. My mom's church is doing VBS and for there community service project they decided to do a Quilt of Valor as well. Now seeing as I don't have any Red White and Blue fabrics - I dug and dug and dug ( are you rolling over laughing yet) and pulled out 12 different 1/4 yards to use for there quilts and some muslin. My dear friend V~ has so generously sent me some fabrics that I am very able to share and do these projects - I LOVE it - I think this is the concept of Pay it Forward!!!

We thought we would have the kids draw pictures into a few quilts ( probably 4). So she has some ladies that live by her that will sew the fabrics into blocks and when the kids are done we will put the into a quilt!
Well that is all I know for now... I made myself a list of things and I guess I had better get to it. One of those is getting the string blocks I made into another top. Binding on a gift quilt, and paying bills - yuck! I have till Thursday to get this done!

Have a quilty Day - Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

PS - I have tried to add all the quilts that are being delivered to my webshots album too - so is where they are


Vicki W said...

You are on a roll! I can't wait to hear about the delivery Friday. I'll be prepared to shed some tears.

swooze said...

I made a red, white and blue rail fence for a friends child. Never thought to make a QOV with that pattern....hmm.... Thanks for sharing these pics.