Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall Leaves Quilt of Valor

Here is another quilt of valor from the very prolific group in Buena Vista CO. I did an overall meander on it. I took the picture outside as I hear the lighting is supposed to be better - but no one warned me that the slighest breeze could make it move or come down off the rail. So it took me a few trys and some help to get the picture


swooze said...

Very nice! I think I have that same fabric the leaf is made of. Little acorns?

Rose Marie said...

That is a lovely quilt for someone to enjoy. To help you out more with photo taking, try morning time and on an overcast day. Usually, in the morning there is not too much breeze yet and the sun takes the colour out of the quilt. I quite enjoyed your story about C and his quilt. Looks like you have a master in the making!