Wednesday, August 01, 2018

its Wednesday.... so Time for Quilts of Valor!!

So....  funny thing happened this morning...

I had advance warning that the people who maintain our power lines would be here today - and needed the gates unlocked. My house is right at 1/2 mile away from the power lines, so imagine my surprise when at 6:00 am my dogs went nuts and a 4 Wheeler went by the house....

That's just not normal - so I go outside and he says - I can't get into the east pasture.... and I start laughing..... I said - because the gate you passed that was wide open didn't give you a clue?

He said - seriously - you were up before I got here and opened the gate for us?

I said - Yep - your foreman called last night so I was prepared

He hung his head and said... well I wasn't ......  That was a funny way to start the morning!!

At least he had a sense of humor - and promised he would go out the open gate, and lock it up for me ;-)

Onto the best part of the day!

The Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo has been working SO hard again!!! Check out these lovely lovely Pillowcases!!

This lovely is called
The Patriot
( its still a free pattern in the free patterns tab on my blog)

It was made completely by Pat

and one day I posted - I have crumbs - anyone want them
and Pat said yes
I have always kinda worried about her that way ( ;-)  )
and lawsy mercy 
Look what she made!

I am pretty sure this one was made by Sharon D
But! I sent it out to be quilted, and the quilter - man did she have a rough month
We have all had those - and I felt for her 
But, she lost the tag that was on it
and my picture memory has failed me

This one was pieced by Loretta and quilted by Kathy and Sue
Its kind heartwarming to have pics of quilts quilted by Sue - when we are now doing 
( ps - you can still make a flag)

This one was also made by Loretta
and Quilted by Kathy and Sue

Sue B awarded this Quilt of Valor
( see how varied the Patriot can look)
and I just loved the smiles!

After all my excitement this morning
I guess I need to go feed my kids

Got the animals all taken care of - just forgot the tall ones ha ha!


Katie said...

Beautiful quilts, one and all. And keep giving your scraps to Pat - crazy or not, she made a wonderful quilt! And now that my multitude of baking chores are done...flags...hmmm...

The Joyful Quilter said...

Love, love, LOVE Pat's Crumb Quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh, yes. The rest are lovely, as well.)

Barob Book Blog said...

Once again inspiring photos to keep us focused. Thanks Alycia!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great use of your crumbs. Lots of pretty QoV quilts.

Kate said...

Such great QOVs!

Susan said...

I guess they are so used to people not being prepared for them! That was a funny start to do the day. =) What beautiful quilts, every single one of them. I'm still making progress on my Patriot quilt! Another section of stars and flags sewn together this morning. Yay!