Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Alright.... who knew it was Wednesday and forgot to tell me????

We had a track meet yesterday  - and mostly those are on Thursday.... so today was...well.. Friday in my head!!

Some Great QOV CO news - we are covering a Women Veterans Retreat - and there are 60 women total for the year attending. We wanted to make more feminine quilts - and need them by the end of May.... As of today - 30 are completely ready!  AND!! Two of our other groups have checked in - one of them has 11 more, and the other will count Friday ( another reason why I checked my calendar lol)

I am proud of all of us quilters!!!

On to the Quilt Show:

These two were put together by the Greeley Group - and they were Quilted by Crystal in Denver.

This one is some Blocks from the MQX QOV block Drive - and put together by Carolyn. It was Quilted by Dawna in CO

These blocks were made by Lori and put into a top by Cheryl M, and Quilted by Dawna

( that there is beautiful team work my friends!!)

The next two were pieced by Darlene - this one was Quilted by Helen.

And this was one Quilted by Ann.  Ann and Helen worked with there Quilter friends and I think this is quilt 6 and 7 that they have made for this year ;-)

Then Ms Crystal ( whoquilted two at the top of the post) got together with her Sister and Deonna - and they made these 4 quilts, and Crystal Quilted them!!!   Aren't they lovely!

This last one that they put made was made in the colors that were their Dad's favorite. I LOVE that!!

And of course - a smile. The more I study this quilt .... I am tempted to dig back into my strips......

 Go forth and quilt!!!


diana569 said...

oh you are definitely a boring quilter! NOT!! beautiful pictures of the mountains!

The Joyful Quilter said...

As always, you received a GREAT bunch of quilts. Awesome quilts mean happy service members. Keep up the good work!

phxquilt said...

I always enjoy your wonderful eye candy! He's not bad either...LOL. Thanks for all you and your friends do everyday to support our troops.

Michele said...

They all are really fantastic. Those ladies do beautiful work.