Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Monday..

Oh I had such great hopes for what I was going to post today... I was going to tell you of all the progress I made, but alas I was deterred....

It started so well, I went to school, I took my test, I aced it ( this made me a little happy), I met with a customer of mine who has become a great friend. I delivered her quilts and she was tickled. We had a Starbucks and girl talk, we stopped into the quilt shop. Ahh life is wonderful. I got home and decided to get my stuff ready so I could work on more of Step 5 of Bonnies mystery quilt.

Oh Look - it is time to go pick up the kids, so I got them. Their Play Practice was cancelled - yay - 2 more hours to sew!! We got home, I looked out the window and BAM - there went the afternoon. The horses were stuck on the wrong side of the fence... we needed a Horse Rescue.

So we load up and drive over to the east side, only to find out that the oil companies have changed the locks on OUR gate again - and in the process, they removed ours. So I dug for the keys I was given 10 years ago just in case, and voila - one of them worked.

We get into the pasture, drive up the road, and find that the oil gate that breaks the two pastures up, was left down. And My horses - well they are wonderful but sometimes I think there brains don't work well - they trap themselves in the craziest of places.... so I looked like the pied piper. One boy was holding a bucket of grain, the other 2 are yelling "booooyssss" and the 9 horses are following the pick up to the open gate. They get to the open gate and take of running as fast as they can towards the corralls and WATER.... dufus horses.

So we put the gate back up, drive back down the road, relock the highway gate, drive back to the west side, lock all the horses up in the corrals, feed them... and oh man - I have totally lost my 2 hours!! Bummer!!

Now I have to call oil companies and remind them about gates and how they work, and come to find out one of the companies was sold, and I have a new contact person and I have never met him - my oh my!

It is now evening, I have 2 of the 3 boys tucked into bed, the third is almost there .... I am getting back to my sewing table and I WILL sew. I only have 50 of the 100 pieces needed, and I must finish this quilt before I go on. I DO NOT want UFO's ( do you see me with my hands on my hip yelling at my fabric to get into this quilt NOW???)

I don't even have a picture to share, because I need to download them, and one boy took the camera batteries for his video game. I said it was okay - but I thought I had more batteries, just like I thought I had enough milk for breakfast.... oh well - I guess the grocery store needs to see me in the morning...

1. I passed my test.
2. We rescued the horses before complete darkness.
3. Dinner was ready ( I crock potted it thinking we wouldn't be home until late)
4. Girl talk with Ms J.
5. some of the snow has melted


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