Saturday, January 19, 2008

5th Grade Quilt Of Valor Project

I just realized that I haven't posted much about this years Quilt of Valor project. I don't know why? I have a great group of kids this year - a few of them are even better seamstresses that I am!! They have won major awards thru 4-H - Awesome.

We have been working away and I know I don't have many photos - I forgot my camera. So far we have been cutting, sewing, and laying out the tops. They did lots of practice with strings before they started sewing the other quilts. So we are getting more quilts that we thought - as the practice strings are in a top too...
So here is the string top. I do have a curtain behind it but the sun must have been very bright, kind of gives it a stained glass appearance.
Hope you all have a great day!
We have basketball this afternoon and the boys are cleaning the house - thats a great gratitude today!!

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