Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big Blowout Block Drive Questions ( Answered)

There were questions  -
First- the string blocks - what foundation do I use?

I use a light weight muslin. It is easy to sew on, easy to trim, and gives a little oomph to the quilt.

Second- who is going to put these blocks together and where will they go?

Quilts of Valor Colorado will be working on them - we have several groups of ladies that will be taking them and putting them together. We have several Longarm quilters who are so very generous with their time and they will help us finish them.... and then  - we have the Bodacious Binding ladies !!

They will be going to Fort Carson in Colorado - we have a need for anywhere from 15 to 45 Quilts of Valor a month. Staying ahead of them is awesome!!

They will be going to the Denver VA - we have an outpatient group that we work closely with and they need 12 -15 Quilts of Valor per month.

They will be going to an Equine Therapy Program - we have a need for 4-5 a month there.

They will be going to Germany - we try to send a few to fill the outstanding needs that QOV has - and lastly-

Our sister Coordinator in Utah has a need for Quilts of Valor over this next year for a new VA unit, and we will try to help her out.

I believe that was it at the moment- for now check out Quiltin' Jenny She already got started.

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  1. Uh-oh, another question here..... does a finished quilt of 20 blocks count in the block drive?
    Maybe I missed the sizes somewhere as far as the finished quilt size. Four blocks across and five down with a border, is that ok? And I wonder how the blocks should be set or does it matter?
    Oops, that's a lot of questions.


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