Plaid Phase Quilts

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A Plaid Drive By resulted in this quilt:

And of course - a Plaid Quilts of Valor - It was presented just a bit ago:

This one is Plaid Sticks 2 ! I love blues!!:

I made my Allietare in Plaid too!!

Plaid #11 - Stars a Waving
Pattern found here:  Made as a Mystery Quilt for a Quilt of Valor

Plaid #10 ( I think)
This is called Faux Geese. It was all the cut off from Plaid #5 - I just couldn't throw them away!!

________________________PLAID STORY__________________________________
It all started in October 2013.... I fell for plaid:

Plaid #1 BulleyeBlocks

Quilted with Quilters Dream Puff
It was the start of our Big Blowout Block drive...
Pattern is here: Craftsy
It is a Quilt of Valor and hugging someone!

And then - I remembered I had Started a Jacobs Ladder as a Quilt a long - and I pulled it out to keep working- It is now finished and on my couch...

Jacobs Ladder QAL

Plaid with a Twist
Finished 11/14/14
But when cutting up all my plaids I made more scraps.... so I started this:

A String Quilt... 

Back of String Quilt

And then Judy at had a Quilt a Long - so I decided to use Plaids.... So Why not?  It is called Plaid #4  ( or on Judy's page the pattern is Sunny Side Up)
Plaid #4
Finished 12/19/14

Plaid # 5 - finished just after Christmas 2014
(free pattern at - pineapple blossoms)

Plaid #5
Finished 12/26/14

And today ( 12/18/14)... I started Plaid #6.... shew....

and maybe Plaid #7 has been cut ( 12/27/14)

Plaid #7:

Plaid #8

Plaid # 9

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The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE your Plaid Phase quilts!!! They are ALL wonderful. (Now, if I could just figure out how to create tabs for the top of MY blog page, I would be a happy camper.)