Friday, July 19, 2019

The Dirty Life - a Book Review

Guess what?
I do not have a quilt to show you finished

I finished a book!!

This book really intrigued me.
Kristin was a freelance writer who was sent out to interview this man about his farm life,
and she falls in love and this books is the story of  what follows.

I have to be honest
We sorta live this way!

So it was intriguing to me to learn about how she perceived things,
what she learned,
and what she could accomplish 
on their farm

The story is about how she and Mark start a farm, a new life, and a way of life they offer to others.
I truly loved it.

One of the things that made us laugh the most - 
she talked about eating fresh lettuce right out of the field,
and how Mark loved the center of it.

My dear husband is a HUGE gardener
He grows amazing lettuce

He picks it regularly
and I make him eat the outside 
and I take the inside !!

I understood Mark at that moment!

The book emphasizes the Farm to Table movement that is becoming all the rage.
That tons of us live day to day!
And it makes you proud to be that rancher/Farmer

My son and I have been playing around with my Business banner

It's fun right?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Quilts of Valor

Oh it has been a while since I have shared some of our Groups Quilts of Valor

That is not for lack of making them
That is for lack of taking photos!!

Who is addicted to her camera
has not picked it up since that last wedding she shot
and has been using her cell phone!!!

I need to FIX that!!

These are 4 of the latest we have finished!
There are more than that... we have a Request list of 60 Veterans
I believe I have a quilt for each one of them 
We are just awaiting Presentation dates!!

is that not insane!
and that is just Northern Colorado

I love that word has spread
but I would have thought that after all these years
( read 14)
I would not have as many Veterans left to award quilts to

Its awesome!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jelly Roll Waves Progress

Even with sharing my machine... ( read pestering my kid to hurry up)
I got my first set of blocks done for the Jelly Roll Waves QAL hosted at Busy Hands Quilts

I am sorta randomly choosing the pieces - and I like how it is turning out!

I wasn't sure if it would be too random or too matchy - but so far so good!

Now to start on the second ones.

I honestly like the Jelly Roll that Middle Bit chose 
I thought it might be to big of a variety - but I think he was on to something

Of course
he also did the grocery shopping this week
so he is high in my praise book right now!!

I mean REAL HIGH!!

And I thought I would share this with you all
It showed up in my Memories
and I truly Loved this day

That this Veteran brought his 48 Star Flag that flew on his ship just touched my heart.
and I loved seeing it again

Monday, July 15, 2019

Progress - Design Wall Monday

My Quilt of Valor top is becoming more of a top now!
I have all the rows sewn and one of the 2 borders on.
I have had to share my quilting set up this last week...

with Little Bit!!

He is working on his Last 4H quilt in his 4H career.. and of course it is a QOV 
( we will show you soon)

You can find the Pattern for this block

Oh!! and see all those bags of Quilts?

Guess why they are there?

I am Speaking at the Pieceable Friends Quilt Guild on Tuesday
Surprisingly -
I am all organized and ready to go!!
I am excited to tell them about my quilts!!

oh!! GO check this artist out
I LOVE her

She grew up with my Middle child
and she is just amazing
You can get her music on  I tunes and this is her CD

I am so proud of her.
When she was in 5th grade she went with me and the other students to Ft Carson to award Quilts of Valor and she sang the National Anthem aCapella ( I hope I spelled that right?)

I knew then... she was destined for greatness
It was amazing
350 Soldiers Standing  in the chapel
and not a dry eye!

Seriously - give this girl a listen - She is awesome!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Random Ranch Shots

Just some Random Ranch shots to tide you over until I have quilty things to show.... 

Our night skies....
Sometimes they can be so dramatic...  they just want your attention... sorta like kids ha ha

My Thistle
It is now removed - they are not good for our pastures, but I still think they are pretty
Please don't tell Wrangler man
He will kick me off the place!

I was trying to show you the mountains - but there is a little bit of haze
and I used my cell phone
I keep getting these ads about cell phone Photography classes
and they claim the photos are just as good as your DSLR...
I might disagree sometimes
This one definitely would have been better with my Big camera

My freshly mown fire break - and my barn ( and yes - I still need to weed whack those last weeds... shhhhh...)

My stubborn dog. 
He has decided that walking and being outside is *just not his thing*
He makes it a bout 1/4 of the way down the road and just stops!!!

It does not make mailing things at the mailbox easy
But I am more stubborn than him
and so far...
have gotten him down the road!
The boys laugh at me and say Mom - he is so stubborn
he sits with us and WON"T move!

Maybe he know I have the treats??

Have a happy Day!!
Quilt away

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

I read... a few books!

I read all these Book Reviews from other quilters - and I think.... I should do that.

And then I realize that I don't read as many books as others! So my goal this summer - is to read some books!!

The First one I picked up was:

 Lilac Girls 
It was such a great book - Historical Fiction - but VERY Historical

The story follows three different women through their experiences in WWII - and it is very well written.  I wanted to know more about the women when I turned the last page. I always think that is a good sign.

I will tell you one thing that really struck me, that I am sure I was taught - but never stuck with me. Women who were German - were even sent to Concentration camps. I guess I thought being German saved you....

Lost Roses

After reading Lilac Girls  - I followed up with her next book. It went a little farther back in time to WWI - and followed One of the same women, from the first book, her mother, and a Russian Princess

It was just as good! and the History. I love History - hate the way you have to memorize it in school. So this was perfect for me - I learned some cool history, and enjoyed the read!

and surprise!!! I read a Third Book!
I know!! Can you imagine!!!

The Lost Girls of Paris

This one was more loosely based on history. She had met a woman who she based the story off of, but some of the actual instances were things she thought would have happened. Either way - it was a great book about Secret Women Operatives and how they helped the Allies defeat the Axis powers during WWII.

Can you tell that I have been reading about a genre? I didn't intend that - but these titles really drew me in. and of course, we have been awarding Quilts of Valor to WWII Veterans... so I think that has peaked some of my interest.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Lots of Projects

I have been working on lots of projects at the same time - and I am Loving it!!
There are so many fun things going on in blog land..... and of course - I am drawn in to them.... Its awesome

I have been working on Kevin the Quilters first clue... Its sort of 3 parts - I have part 2 and 3 done, and am working on part one.... 184 - 4 patches! So much fun!!

Of course - Plaids !!

And this one!
I used a Jelly Roll to make these - so the fabric line sorta matches.

All the blocks are complete,
The rows are made

Now to top it!!
and add borders!

Annnd of course!! Jelly Roll Waves Quilt a long - with Busy Hand Quilts...  I have the whole quilt cut now - and on to the next stage....  making half of the blocks.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!
We had a great week - two birthday celebrations
4th of July Celebrations
and I even snuck in a surprise party for one of the birthday boys!
( almost 2 surprises... but one was pretty crafty!!)

Have a great week!!

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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Jelly Roll Waves Fabric Choices

Also - I am going to sew along with Myra at  and her Jelly Roll Waves Quilt. I have made it once before... but I feel the need to do it again.... and do it right this time - Bwahh haa haah

So today!
We are supposed to post of Fabric Choices.

I had a color scheme in mind - But Middle Bit came and said - I really think you should use this jelly roll... and who is to argue with your child?

After pulling the whole Jelly Roll apart - we took 3 of the strips and removed them - they were just too white - and that way - I could use a Cream for the background.   I think it will be pretty cool - and Middle Bit has put a claim to it.  He may forfeit that claim as the quilt goes on - but at this moment....  Ha ha

If you are stitching along - go link up at Busy Hands and let us see what you chose!!

Monday, July 01, 2019

Scrapping away.... with the SSSSQ Clue 1

Little Bit said I should do Pink and Green.   I really don't have a lot of Pink and Green in my stash.... Not as much as he thinks.  I do however have Pink and Green Boots, gloves, hats and scarfs.  THAT is a defense mechanism of living in a house with 4 men and they all steal your stuff!!!

So I finally decided on Blues and Creams/golds

I have some blue scraps and strips cut and got to get one of two 4 patches made.

I think these will look pretty good - the four patches I made turned out alright. Since its a mystery - It will work right? ha ha - 

And our sunset last night - we had a thunderstorm warning , we all ran in and slammed doors - and of course, started to watch a movie!  Mid movie we looked out side and wow!

I thought - Oh Look - Kevin is teaching me a bout Contrast - bwahh ha ha ha

Interested in playing along?  Check out his clues at:
Kevin the Quilter

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Patriotic Finished Friday!!!! TGIFF!!!

Whoot Whoot!!! Its a Finished Friday - AND!!! I have a finish!!

Back is 2016 I made a pattern called Brick Cottage Lane from Busy Hands Quilts, and I had leftovers. This summer, I have been organizing ( I can't say cleaning because that sounds like work), and I found the leftovers - and they needed to be finished into something!!

 I mean - you can't let that patriotic goodness go to waste!

Ta da!! I made it into a table runner. And yes - it is not bound, my thumb does not like that motion yet, so my pile of to be bound quilts is growing. However!! I will use this this way!

First I put it on my white table cloths, 

But then I realized that they needed to be washed, so I put it out on the table direct. This table is REALLY really old! My husbands Grandparents moved into a ranch house in Wyoming - back in the early 50's and this table was left there. Grandpa refinished it , and it has been in our family since.

Then I got to looking around the rest of the house, and decided I needed to decorate for the 4th of July! Did you know that it is NEXT WEEK! Holy smokes! How did that happen??

So I pulled out my Remembering George quilt. This was a Quilt a long by Judy and Patchwork Times in 2010.  I renamed it after my Great Uncle who was in WWII

This is him with his Wife 
My Great Aunt ( and my Grandma's sister)

And then I got out my Scrappy Hearts Quilt - It's big enough to go on a bed - but I have it on the couch. I keep hoping the nights will stay cool, and I will need it while watching a movie.... Hint Hint weather man

And then the last Patriotic Quilt out is the mystery by Bonnie Hunter - Called EnProvence - It needed to come out too - I will hang it over my Rocking chair.

So now - I am all prepped and ready for some fireworks!!

Are you ready to link up your Friday Finishes?

Let's check them out - Direct Links please ;-)

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
Click here to enter


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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

14'ers aka Mt Evans

One of my goals has been to get up as many 14'ers as we can. We have started up a few times and been derailed by snow or some other thing - but sure enjoyed the hike.

This time.... I found out you could DRIVE up to the summit, and then hike to the top....
So we did - Up Mt Evans!!

Is that just beautiful???

There were some trails about mid summit that took you through the various terrain, and tundra that existed up there.

Check out all that snow!!
and it was about 48 degrees

The top!!  or one of the tops - who knows - the top is 14256 feet ( i think)  and it is just gorgeous

and this is the best way to climb a 14 er in my mind
You drive up to 14156
and climb the rest and shout

I did it!
and you text photos to your other kids at home 
that think you really climbed 

and you don't tell them any differently!
( since they don't read the blog - I am totally sticking to my story)

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Travel Adventures

So  Little Bit and I headed over the mountain to go to his  * College*  ( ackkk) 

We were rolling along and came to a complete halt at LookOut Mountain 

This is what we saw – well as they detoured us over the Offramp/Onramp to avoid the crash. We were probably 20 cars behind this accident.

 See all the emergency crews?

Little Bit took this as I was driving – I didn’t want to be the next accident – but that car was toasted!!!

I think it is time to stay home and Stitch!!

Which is just what we did!
My QOV Sew Day was yesterday - and look at all the blocks that got made!!

I think we counted 50 of them!! Awesome!!

have a Quilty Day!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Quilt a Long with Busy Hands and the SSSSQ Mystery from Kevin the Quilter

That is such a long title!! But!! I want to make sure I am giving proper credit to those quilters who have just tied me to my sewing machine, and made me dig in my scraps - and made the Boys all Cook for themselves - ha ha ha !

Think that would really work???

Myra - at Busy Hands Quilts is hosting a Jelly Roll Waves Quilt a long. It is her pattern - obviously called Jelly Roll waves - click on her blog name and it will take you to all of the information.

I have made one before, but I got a little sidetracked and mine turned out a little differently... but I loved it - and it lives in my Friend Linda's house now. It's time to make another right?

Here is my original - I made it with a jelly roll. The cool thing about Myra's pattern - she gives you a few different ways to make the quilt so you can use stash fabrics!!

and Kevin - at Kevin the Quilter ... is offering this!!!  Whoot Whoot - another chance to dig in my fabrics... I see a little bit of fun ( read mess) in my future!! Finding what I need!

is this going to be fun or not??  As I was dreaming about what colors I would use, Little Bit said I should do Greens and Pinks..... I really don't have much of those colors in my stash.... But then! I remembered a Plaid fabric I had just put away... it may have some pink - so tomorrow is my day to choose my fabrics....

any of you playing along with these projects? I see some great quilts in the future!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Changing Quilts

Even though it is summer - I decided it was time to change the quilts on the beds.  I say beds - because I have my bed - and the one that I stole from one of my children.

He left - I claimed the room

It's only fair!

Bed 1:


 Bed 2

Oh!! and guess what????
I am hosting TGIF Friday NEXT Friday
( that is why I am not bragging this week... its ... not.... quite.... done.....)

But you should still go check out all the eye candy that is finished!!
My favorite day of the week!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Scrappy- ness

I keep a tote of scraps right next to my machine, and when I am cutting scraps I feed the tub.... they are all widths - and approximately 10 1/2 inches long....

We had a little sewing retreat this weekend and I finished all my planned projects - so - yay me, I had taken my scrap tote!

and it was awesome - I could stitch away and listen to all the conversations and not have to concentrate.... and ta da!

50 scrappy 9 1/2 inch blocks!! Whoot Whoot - I am so happy - my light pile was completely used up!

The next day was Fathers day - we headed out to the golf course... got 3 holes in an immediately got drenched, hung out in the gazebo for a break in the rain, and got a rain check for another day!!

The best laid plans - right?   Weather wins.

Oh and ps - we didn't mind getting wet - it was the extreme lightening that scared us - and the Very extremely loud thunder!

Monday, June 17, 2019


I am not sure if I bragged on this one or not yet.....

But this happened!

I think that if I don't download the photos, and I don't admit it happened... then I get to keep him right?  Ha ha!! He is very worried already...

about me taking over his room for quilt storage!!!

This is him with one of his basketball idols... Jason Smith - he is a graduate of our school system and went on to play in the NBA - my kid is catching up to his height.... crazy!!