Monday, January 22, 2018

Scrappy Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

I am so tickled so many of you liked my Heart quilt - and the amount of requests for my pattern blew my mind..... are you ready???

Here is my pattern :

Technical Right???

So I am going to walk you through it
I used 2 1/2 inch strips - I chose random lengths - all over 10 inches
( you could use 5, but I had longer ones and I wanted to stitch quick)

After you have 4 strips sewn together.
I sub cut them into 5 inch pieces
So now I have the half pieces - they are 
5 inches by 8 1/2 inches

Then for the outer corner of the hearts I used 2 1/2 inch squares.
I stitched a 1/4 inch seam, sliced off the extra dog ear, and used that for the inner piece of the heart
( see I saved ALL the scraps)

you can kinda see this process in the right top of the photo below
I apologize I don't have a ton of photos
I had no idea anyone would want to know how I did it ;-)

For the bottoms of the heart
I used 5 inche squares
Folded them in half and stitched along the line

Then I made another stitch about 1/4 inch away
( see the bottom left of the photo below)

I saved those pieces and made scrappy half squares

So each heart measured 9 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches

I ran out of strips
( okay not really, I just got tired of making hearts)

so I started throwing them up on the design wall

I filled in the parts with solid white squares of 9 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch pieces
Then I used all of those scrappy Half Squares from the bottom of the hearts
and made a border.

Ta da!
That is how I did it
I hope that helps some of you

If you make something like it - I would love to see it - I think they are SO fun!!

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hiking the Mariana Buttes

I thought it was just a golf course..... but as we started looking at maps - we found out it was a hike as well - sort of an Urban Hike.....  but Urabn meant it was close to Pizza , and if Pizza was close.... that meant I didn't have to cook Dinner!!!

That's about all the incentive I needed to head out to this little hike.

We arrived at the parking lot and headed up.... we got to the top of a look out and could see everywhere - it was awesome - that photo is of Devils Backbone.... we hiked there once too. It doesn't look as intimidating as when you are really there..... just sayin'

and llok!! Hiker Dog!!

Doesn't he look like he belongs in the adventurous life??

I got all my boys to pose for me
( yep I even have a boy dog.... totally outnumbered)

The hike took us around the back and through some woodland
It was quite fun and pretty

and the Pizza...... Yummy!!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rainbow Scrappy Challenge - Blue Update

Oh la la - I have made a *Leetle* bit of progress  on my RSC Blue Quilt for the month....

But I will take any Little bit!!

All the blocks are stitched.... I may have a border plan..... emphasis on the May.... I have a tendency to by wishy washy......

Link to the pattern is in this post:   /im-so-blue-ue-ue-blue-ue-ue-ooooo.html

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Love is in the Air.....

On the Loooove Boat......

now you will have that song stuck in your ear all day - ha ha .... Sorry

I made this Scrappy Hearts Quilt last year/this year. I started it as an *inbetween* project to play with my 2 1/2inch patriotic strips....

and Now!!

It is all quilted!!

All my children have gone back to school,
and my Puppy is not tall enough to hold the quilt up!!
What is a girl to do!!! 

All the Border squares are the cut off of the Bottom of the hearts!

And look
There is a weird thing on the left of the photo
Is it an Alien??

A close up of the quilting
I used a Bubble Pantograph

Maybe like Champagne Bubbles???

it measures 81 x 81

Happy Dance
Finish #2 for the year
( and that is probably the last of my counting..... )

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quilts of Valor 2018

You May remember back in October the Univ. of Northern CO Softball team came to stitch with us?

They created 4 quilt tops,. and I am slowly but surely working throught them

This is the first Quilt of theirs I have quilted

I am also working with a High School Group - and these are two of the Quilts they have made so far.

We had a lot of fun stitching them
and then they chose the quilting designs

My son and I quilted them up

You may recognize this pattern?
I have made several similar to it - but when Kevin the Quilter
did his Block drive -- I really fell in love with it again

AND! His directions are so easy for everyone to follow!

every Year I say I will keep track of how many QOV's I Piece and how many I quilt
and every year - I do good for 3 months and then - Bam! There are just too many Veterans

So I am not even going to try this year.... But this is the first 3 quilted for the year
(ha ha)

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hiking in Colorado

As you know ( or if you don't , you will soon!) I LOVE the Out of doors. There are times that I am not that fond of it, like when I am forced to do chores in a blizzard - but I get over it pretty quickly.....

I also might be pretty fond of my camera - So I forced my family into the car and we headed South to a lake. I had heard there were a lot of birds there, and a lake hike.

I always warn my family - if I don't like it I will leave, but if you don't like it - you are stuck with me till I am done ( it works too - sometimes I have to bribe with a dinner out.... but not too often)

The hike around this lake is 9 miles
and yep! I packed a lunch

The day we decided to go it was Gorgeous!
It started out cool
and then got up to about 50 degrees

Aren't those skies amazing?

This is really what you saw in the camera

The last 2 hours of our hike
the temps started dropping

and these clouds moved in

it was just awesome
The play of the clouds in the sky and the colors

and by the time we were leaving the sun was setting and the whole place just changed

by the time we got back to our house
the temps had dropped into the teens
and snow was starting

We picked the absolutely most perfect day!!

and the boys did chores!!
And I quilted ( yay)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Rah rah Ree!!! I have a finish!!

Yep!! there is a lot of cheering going on about now....

I have a finish... and for this week - that's pretty amazing. My week sorta came in like a Lion.... ha ha!

Are you ready???

My EnProvence is Quilted   and 

Wait for it.....

Bound!!!!     Oh yes it is!!

See the blue at the edges - Binding!!  Ha ha

And a sorta Full on view
( hiding the kitchen table!!)

The artsy Shot

and the Back

I did a swirly quilting on it to give it some Star Movement
Like you are traveling through the Galaxy
( sure - we will go with that!)

So.... should I reamend my One Monthly Goal?? Maybe this was really supposed to be it - ha!

Anyways - we can't wait to snuggle under it.  I think this is my 3rd Patriotic quilt that I have kept - so each of my kids should have a Patriotic Quilt !   Yay me!!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Quilts of Valor 2018

There is another Ah-Mazing quilter that I know in Arizona - and I am so grateful for her!! She is a whiz with the Accuquilt too!!   These are the Quilts of Valor that she just finished up and will be hugging a Veteran VERY soon!!!

Sue just does such amazing work!!
Aren't these just stunning quilts?

And these two!!
She is probably already a fan of the churndash
But I am going to think I inspired her by all the gatrillion churndashes
I might have made last year.... ha ha


I got another awesome package - It was like Christmas All OVer again at my house!
Kate who blogs at:

Sent this Quilt of Valor

Am I not just the luckiest person - Not only do these quilters help us Love on our Veterans.... I get to see the quilts first!!! Love  ( and luck)

Monday, January 08, 2018

A Glimpse into my world

aka  this is why I don't finish things.....

you all understand , Right?

I told myself - I will finish my KTQ mystery before I start anything else/.....

well - I will use my Wonky Star blocks as the leader/Enders and piece a QOV at the same time.....

well  - Blue is the RSC color.... I'll just pop those blocks up and see where I am....

and now!!


See the Wonky Stars are growing...
and see them peeking out behind my RSC project

and see my pile that needs to be ironed?

and see my pile to be stitched?

This people is why I pull my hair out

Ha ha ha

Oh ya - and My On Ringo Lake is mixed in there too

That is all

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Sunday, January 07, 2018

The National Mall

I still have more photos from our Thanksgiving Trip to DC .  My son says that I should be careful posting them, as someone will think that I am there right now, even though it may be getting snow, and I am not - I am warm and comfy cozy in my house!

I loved our trip - and I loved the chance to take more photographs....

The Friday After Thanksgiving, I really thought that all the Monuments would not be crowded, I had assumed (wrongly) that everyone would be Black Friday Shopping.  They weren't... there were a lot of them where I wanted to be. So I had to adapt ( ha ha)

It was a beautiful day.
We headed to the World War II Memorial.

Such an amazing memorial

The water always amazes me, and the way the sun was shining...

Then we walked down to the Korean War Memorial.  The last time I had been there it was night, and it was such an eerie feeling. I enjoyed seeing it in the daylight better. The detail is amazing

I still am amazed at how the planes fly over the memorials.

We also went to the Lincoln Memorial 

He is impressive - and the words that he said - still ring true today.

After the Lincoln Memorial
We headed over to the Martin Luther King Memorial

Just amazing

After reading all of his amazing words - 
again - so true today! I wish I could quote a new one each day!
(hmmm Maybe a new project)

We then walked over to the Jefferson Memorial
In between the two we went through the Roosevelt memorial

That was pretty cool too. My Grandpa used to talk about him a lot, so it was cool to see his memorial, and be reminded of the things he did, knowing how they effected my Grandpa

It doesn't look to crowded, so i really enjoyed it.  There was a tour guide in the Memorial, we might have eavesdropped on him.

So to those of you freezing there, or under snow - thanks for giving us good weather!

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Friday, January 05, 2018

I'm so Blue ue ue Blue ue ue ooooo

Remember the Rainbow Scrap Challenge?  I LOVE it!!! I love playing in my colors, and being incentivized to dig through my bags of scraps and see if I can make something.....  or at least clean up a bit!!

A few years ago when Blue was the Color I dug through my 30's repro fabrics and made some blocks.... and so....

I dug through those blocks and this is up on the Design wall

If all goes my way - it will be a top by the end of the month. I think that I will keep it up until I actually start stitching on it - and I even have and idea for borders!! Whoop Whoop

The Sew Me Blog had the pattern, and I fell in love with it
Here it is:  Sew Me: Bee Blessed Pattern

And here is one that I did with my Purple Blocks 

And on to a finish. My Friend Janet passed away a few years ago, and her husband asked if My Friend and I could help him finish some of her quilts. So this is a table runner she had made - I quilted it -AND!!! Bound it!! can't wait to take it back to him....

My kids are still on break and I love it ! Plus I have more help, so surprisingly even thought I have to cook a thousand gatrillions pounds of food - they do chores ;-)

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