Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Quilts of Valor - Being Awarded!

You all love to make these Awesome Quilts of Valor - and so do I! But the best part is getting to see them awarded.... and hearing how awesome it is!!

So -
Here are some photos of some recent awards

The guy in the White Shirt Doing the Awarding of these two Quilts of Valor is a VietNam Vet -
We awarded his quilt a few years ago - and he joined our team - its awesome!!

Don't the smiles just sorta say it all?

I was telling the story about Quilts of Valor - and told the Story of this quilt, all the while with another VietNam Veteran looking on... When I got to the point that said we made this quilt for him

 and I called his name - he was a tad shocked - it was way cool!!

Here is us - getting all ready for our Sew day - well some are overachievers and were already started!!! WE had a good group 25 quilters that day!!

Go Forth and Quilt!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fire Burns, Fences and Fun

A follow up to my fire on the prairie post.....

So the thing about fire.... its way unpredictable...
Check out how it burned to this fence line.... but then stopped

but if you notice in the top right - it burned again 

And my Pano... i just thought it was so strange

A few posts looked like this - on our fences - I think we had 4 to replace - so not that bad!!!!

Then you know -
Black and white
Just because

A look over the pasture
maybe you can see the erratic burn pattern
but its all good - killed some sage brush
the grass will ( fingers crossed) be green when it comes back

Another sort of pano shot - just cuz

Where they firefighters had to cut through fences - they left these little orange flags. I did not know they did that - and was pretty glad they did - so easy to figure out what had to be fixed first!

You had to dig out the old posts - and wierdly some of them had continued burning under the ground

We teased that it was like grown ups making sand castles!!

and then! We were done!  oh well we had to replace a gate too -
but that wasn't as much fun

Then we got to go play

My girl

and My Girls Momma

we rode and rechecked things that are easier on horse than on truck ( or in truck? or truckback?)

Anyways it was a great way to end the day - relaxing and knowing everything was fenced back where it should be ;-)

Friday, June 15, 2018

Fire and a somewhat sleepless night

Wednesday Evening started Out pretty normal  - we did our chores, we rode a little bit, we talked about what we were going to watch in the evening .. you know summer - you get to stay up later. ( why I have no idea - someone still makes us get up really early - but the idea is there)

We sat down to eat about 8:30 and heard fire trucks go by. Not uncommon - there are some pretty bad accidents out here. and the we started seeing more lightning - and hearing the booms.

About 30 minutes later more fire trucks.   Hmmm - this may be more truck than our department has, and then we noticed they were trying to get on the ranch one section to the east of us.

Heading out I looked south and could see why:

This was just up over our hill
And ps - these are all cell phone pics 

As it got darker - it got meaner looking
and we had winds of 30-45 mph

unfortunately the winds decided to turn in the direction of my house

My husband wasn;t worried 
Me - I might have been a little panicked

Here is where the panic started
This really blurry photo
those oil tank batteries
they are 1/4 mile from my house

And then I really panicked
( ok not really , but sort of)

We had a fire truck and a tinder truck come up to our house and get between the fire and our structures

My neighbor showed up with his MASSIVE tractor and 30 foot disc
ready to start a fire line

and we knew we had mowed all around our location,
and that we had removed weeds around our fence lines
and that we had about a 100 ft strip replanted with native grass that was not quite growing yet

So we really had fingers crossed that all the fire mitigation would work

it did!!
That fire hit our low spots and the other fire trucks and firefighters that were on it had a chance to get ahead of it.  my firefighters ( Yep - you know me well - I had claimed them) said we see a chance to get ahead of it - and they took off that way

it had gone east of us too - so between the 15 departments and over 80 personel
by 2 am it was 100% contained

They say the whole fire burned 8000 acres 
mostly on my neighbors to the south
it looks pretty desolate

yesterday we spent making sure everything was contained
today we will fix fences for real
and praise our firefighters

 and that is why I have no quilts to show..... yep - totally my excuse this week ;)

PS -  I should mention - there are 2 other huge fires in our state right now, and another 1 that is on the wyoming/colorado border

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

QOV Wednesday

Good Wednesday Morning!

Got a little Quilt of Valor Inspiration for you this morning.

The first two are Tops
Charlene and Bernie 
Participated in the QOV Mystery called The Patriot
and these two are their creations!

On one of our Sew Days we used strings and made the half square blocks
I was given a set to make a quilt with 
and I had a Star Idea
So I made 4 squares for each star 
Ta Da!

PS - I quilted it
It will be bound at the next sew day

This cool one came from Nancy C in Loveland CO
I really like that white background fabric!

This beauty was pieced by the Tumbleweed Quilters in Arizona
it was Quilted by Jackie W
Isn't it cool!!!

Hope you all have a chance to stitch today!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

I sewed!

I did it!! We finally had a few hours in which we had really nothing pressing to do -  or at least I didn't! I delegated and made everyone else do chores - all on the pretense of making dinner.... but hey! Whatever works!!

But first!
We basketballed!

I say we - because altho he does the real work ( the kid - white 32) I do the driving, and the preparing the cooler, and the mapping and the hard work of sitting the bench.... so I think I count too in the *we*  ( ha ha)

And then!! I to the rows sewn together on this baby!! Whoot Whoot - I put them on the ironing board so that early this morning I could iron. Last night at 98deg - it wasn;t happening!

And I got all these prepped
I have a bunch of churn dashes started ( Botton Right)
And in the half way stage
and almost finished ;-)

And then!! I started on these star blocks. Our QOV group ( thanks to Connie and Kathy) made 80 plus stars last week, and she had more cut to make - so I took a pack.  Our group is making the stars -
Connie and Kathy are assembling into the cool quilt below!

and today - I am back at the Quilting machine. My Client sent me the neatest Round Robin style quilt... and that;s my goal for today!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Quilts of Valor from Colorado

You all - there may be a light at the end of my tunnel.... life got a little hectic there - and it may not be slowing down - But - I got to stitch some - so it's all good.....

AND ! I have some awesome quilts to share with you!!

All Three of these amazing babies were made by Judy V in Colorado!! She is a power house I tell you!!

This one: is the Mystery we did called The Patriot - the clues are still in my craftsy site

and look at that - wrapped in our love - I love these Women Veterans!!

Hope you all are enjoying summer. 
and maybe stitching a bit????

Monday, June 04, 2018

June ( ackkk) : One Monthly Goal

I was thinking in my head last week, that I really needed to sit down and decide my June One Monthly Goal - and then Bam! June was here - and I hadn't decided.  The indecision - oh my!!

I ( unlike any other quilter ha ha!)  want to do it all, and finish it all in a day - and look amazing while doing it.... but alas - I have narrowed my goal.....

I toughened up - I made a decision - and NO! I was not influenced by the fact that this project is actually on my design wall - so it would be ludicrous to remove it ( right???)

here it is:

This!  I have enough blocks for another quilt too - so since I didn't make the blocks - I am expanding my goals - Piece this top , add borders, piece the other, add borders.... MAKE A BACKING - and..... If I really want a reward - Quilt them..... I am going for it folks - keep your fingers crossed, and send me well wishes.

Did I tell you that June is one of *the* craziest months for us this year??  Seriously - I am missing those days when the kids were younger and our big goal for the day was to get chores done and play in the pool....

ah well - It;s all good....

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May's One Monthly Goal

my May's One Monthly goal was to bind this pile of quilts:

And Bind I did!!
This one

and this one
( PS It says Wham Bam Thwap in the quilting -on it - I love it)

and this one

and this one
It's story is here:

and this one

and this one
- I sorta forgot I stuck it in the pile
I have made others and they got bound and awarded as Quilts of Valor
Poor baby

and this one
Its on my kids bed
We are ready for the 4th of July now!

and there should be one more
It should look like a halloween quilt
but it had a moment - and it had to take a break because

They are ALL home... Whoot Whoot

So now my pile looks like this
and I hope to add the Halloween soon
and then I can get back to making another pile....

The end

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