Sunday, January 24, 2016


The Photo Challenge for this week was Windows.... Oh my gosh!! There are SO many windows around here!!  I had ideas of where I wanted to head out, but then - as I was driving by my neighbors - I had a new idea!!

Here is my Final Photograph that I chose for the Challenge

I liked this one the best - I think it still showed the character of the truck - but also showed the view through the window.

This one ( below) was my runner up - But I felt it had a little too much glare - I still like it!!

And then - I just wanted a photo of the whole thing
There are a lot more too ;-)

Of course - I knew of an old building that I thought would have a cool window
So I did head that way - and I do like it
I just ended up liking the truck better,

When Little Bit and I were out searching for my bridge - 
I saw this building too - 
I think it just had that Prairie feel to it

Kinda cool old house right?

I might have a gazillion more - but these were the favorites....
Until the next post.......


Patti said...

very good!

Tamera said...

Great Photos!

The Joyful Quilter said...

I've got a quilt series in my head (it's been there a few years now), but haven't gotten the courage to put it into fabric yet. You got some great window shots!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I love these posts!!

Kate said...

I really like the truck shots. The old building is cool too.

Ranch Wife said...

Awesome shot, Alycia! If I were closer, I would be your photography sidekick. We could be like Batman and Robin...and we'd have cool quilts for capes!