Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quilts of Valor AND!! The snow day

Today is not a snow day - and if my kids didn't have finals - I think they would have been praying for another one.  But those finals are sort of important ( I guess ha ha)

Gypsy Quilter wanted a few snow photos - and I wasn't going to brave the elements ( I mean - really - that's what I had kids for ) But for her and Dolly.... I was on it!!

These are some of our horses - the snow was blowing and the wind was howling and they! didn't want to be in the barn!!!  The others were, as were all the cattle - and that made me laugh.

These must be the die hards

One of our hay barns and sheds
See the little grey thing there - well there is 2 - those are our brave cats
They lasted a little bit, then came in as well 
(they have their own barn)

and this - this is the door to the east side of my house.
Needless to say - I didn't open it.....

Now that you are sufficiently cold - let's look at some warm and yummy quilts!

This first one is made by Candi
Quilted by Sue and Kathy - all of colorado

The next two are Block Drive quilts
put together by the Greeley Group and quilted by Cheryl in AZ
( we needed the sun!!)

The star quilt below is made by Diana B of Parker
Quilted by Sue S

Next is an MQX block drive quilt - put together by Cowboy Bob
Quilted by Sue

Then we have a pink Strippy quilt
Pieced and quilted by Marsha G of Paoli CO

A great scrappy quilt made by Mary M
and quilted by her sister - Sue!

Another Cool one pieced by Mary
Quilted by Sue

This spinning Rail ( that's my name ha ha)
Pieced by the High Plains Heritage Quilters
Quilted by Sue

And this lovely Patriotic Quilt will round out today's show
It was pieced by Sue V
Quilted by Sue S

Hope you all stay warm ( or cool) today!!
I am off to finish up some last minute quilts for clients
and maybe.... if the snow stays - when the boys come home we will sled!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, I see some serious drifts there. Throw in an evergreen wreath or 2 and you'll be looking very Christmasy. Good thing you have plenty of manly muscle around there to shovel the walkways just in case you need to go out for chocolate!

Vicki W said...

I love the snow pics. We've been in the 70's here this week!

Anonymous said...

All beautiful quilts! lots of great ideas here! Hope you are staying warm inside :).

Ranch Wife said...

I'm so envious of your snow! Our livestock don't have a choice...they have to weather the elements. Looks like your horses are toughing it out. Stay safe on the roads and have fun sledding!

Sherrill said...

HA! Your goofy horses reminded me of a little scruffy dog we used to have. When we lived in VA, we had a garage with a door to the backyard. We had a nice heater and a piece of carpet in the garage for her but left the door open so she could potty. One evening it had snowed and I found her in the backyard laying on the piece of carpet she drug out in the yard and covered with a dusting of snow. Goofy dog, she had it made with the heater but decided she'd rather sleep in the yard. Dope! LOL

Kate said...

Oh yeah finals. Drama Teen has been a in study mode for the last week. She's ready for the Christmas break. Beautiful QOV quilts. So many different ways to wrap up a veteran in a hug.