Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015 - Another December Day

Welcome to the Evening Edition of the Quilts of Valor show.... Did you know today was Wednesday?  Ha ha - I love the holidays, but man I get to working and forget about what day it is....

So let's get to some Quilty Inspiration going on:

This one was put together by Kaje - a High Schooler and Quilted Ingunn in CO

the one below was put together Cowboy Bob and Quilted by Ingunn

This one was pieced by Connie and Kathy
and Quilted by Jimmie in CO

This lovely was pieced by Nancy Eaton and her group
and quilted by Jimmie

This one below was pieced by Elenna in Eastern CO
It is the Not So Top Secret project quilt in the free quilts tab above
Quilted by Sue S in CO

This is another one by Elenna
These blocks are really cool aren't they?
Quilted by Sue S in CO

a little close up of the quilting

These blocks are from the Machine Quilting Exposition Block Drive
they were all the fall prints and the Red Hat Group put them togheter
Kathy and Sue quilted it

This one was made by Candi
quilted by Kathy and Sue

Another lovely pieced by Candi E
Quilted by Kathy and Sue

 This is another one pieced from MQX blocks
Quilted by Sue and Kathy

Showing a little Love
This Veteran was very overwhelmed that he was honored.

This is a Quilt that Laura made and presented too!
Isn't it great!

Hope you all have a great evening - 
I have chili cooking,
the chores are almost done
( just waiting for the boys to finish)
and we are off to put our feet up!

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The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE that Kaje got involved as a high schooler! Her quilt is wonderful. Cowboy Bob's quilt is SUCH an awesome setting! MUST. Try. This!!!