Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Are you Ready?  Are you Prepared? This is going to be a photo heavy post - so I want you to have your beverage of Choice all ready, and a little snack.... keep your strength up while viewing all the Quilty Goodness!!!

This first quilt is a block Drive Block Quilt too - sort of - there are blocks from the drive, and ones that Sharon added
Pieced and Quilted by Sharon E in Greeley

This is the Allegiance Quilt ( pattern is listed under Free Patterns header)
Pieced and Quilted by Jan S in Eaton CO

Pieced and quilted by Nancy C of Araphoe County Quilters

From Linda S - called Funky Plates - Arapahoe County

A Friend of Liz D in Boulder

The next three are all Block Drive tops as well - I love that each one is different!! And they are still so unique!
Block Drive blocks - Pieced by Cowboy Bob - Quilted by Jean R in honor of her WWII father

Block Drive Blocks - pieced by Greeley Group - Quilted by Ellen P 

Block Drive Blocks - Pieced by Bob quilted by Crystal S 

I thought I could share some more smiles with you before you head out for the day....

My favorite is the smile - and then the snuggle!!

Enjoy !!!!


Vicki W said...

All great quilt! I love the red, whit,black one with the circles. That's very cool. Of course I'm thrilled to see an Allegiance quilt!

Terri said...

Great quilts, great smiles, and quilty hugs.

Kate said...

Love the smiles, but the quilts shine almost as brightly.

WeedyMama said...

I LIKE the funky plates. Ideas.

And the smiles! The best.

Tami C said...

How wonderful to see so many Quilts of Valor! They all are beautiful!

Naomi said...

Do you let them pick out the quilt they want or you pick it for him

Magic Valley Quilters

Donna Endresen said...

Alycia: These are all beautiful Quilts. Of course I love all the QOV ones, but also like the Block Drive ones. The first Blue and yellow one is the one that really intrigued me!