Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

What!!  That is crazy!!!

If you are interested in seeing all the 2014 shows here is the link:  2014 Shows

and here is; 2013   and 2012  and 2011 and 2010  and our original projects  and generic QOV posts before I figured out how to tag things ( I am still learning)  and some labeled with just plain plain QOV   - a little about our First Delivery and everything else - you are on your own *smile*

This new year will be tagged QOV 2015... so hold on.....

You are in for a Quilty Ride!
I love the smiles - and I love the way these quilts aid in the healing of our Veterans.
These two are active duty soldiers from our area.

This first quilt was made by Liz M in Colorado Springs - it was quilted by Jean J in Grand Junction.
They make a fantastic team!!

The next two Quilts are from Pat P - she blogs over at and she is so talented - her use of scraps.... inspires me!! I have learned so much from studying her quilts.

And then we come to the Columbine Quilt Bee!  They meet twice a month - and boy howdy - do they make some amazing quilts... The next four are from them.
Columbine Quilt Bee

Columbine Quilt Bee

Columbine Quilt Bee

Columbine Quilt Bee

I love it when I can share photos.
I really hope you can find your quilts in the photos.

Do know - that prior to presentations I re-read the labels ...and then I can tell the Veteran
all about who made the quilt and the team involved.
I really do
 ( I have that kind of memory when I am there.)

They are always SO amazed that someone went out of their way to make this for them.
Many of them remember a relative who quilted, and it just brings back good memories.

Good - Good is always a Great Healer.

The next 5 quilts were made: Pieced and Quilted by Nancy in Colorado. I LOVE her use of color!! She has the coolest quilt studio.... and... it's organized... I will be there someday!!
Nancy H

Nancy H

Nancy H

Nancy H

Nancy H
Hope you enjoyed todays Quilt show!! Hope you were inspired and have added a few to your bucket list!!   Enjoy your day!!


Kat Scribner said...

What a batch full of fabulous quilts, Alycia! Great show.

Magoo47 said...

I just read your posts Original Projects and First Delivery - thank you for providing the links. So inspiring - anyone who thinks they can't make a quilt that is worthy just needs to see those 5th graders! And spending your time this way is SO worthwhile. :D

Sherrill said...

WOW!! Just WOW!! An amazing bunch of quilts! I hope to add one or two to your collection this year.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Yeah for quilt smiles!

Rockester said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing these. I especially like the one from Colunmbine Quilt Bee.
Kathy Aho in MN

Carol Selepec said...

Such a wonderful array of quilts and they are all so different.

Andee said...

Love the quilts and love the smiles! I plan to get my QOV top together soon...really shooting for the end of the this month, that might help it get close now!

Elaine Adair said...

Wonderful eye candy and big smiles. I picked out one that REALLY appeals to me!

Terri said...

Thanks for their smiles, and mine. Always enjoy the quilts, too. So inspirational.

Alicia Key said...

All great quilts!

Jennie in GA said...

Nothing nicer than seeing those warm smiles! Thank you, both soldiers and quilter's.

Stacey said...

Smiles here. Just look at these proud brave Americans.

Joanne K. said...

Love all the quilts but love the smiles more! Great job to all the piecers and quilters! Going to make some of those quilts, too!

Pat said...

The quilts are all so beautiful as are the smiles of those who receive them!

Do you think you can talk Nancy from Colorado into sharing some photos of her studio? I need affirmation that it IS possible to have one that's organized. :-)

Michele said...

Those quilts are all so fabulous but those happy smiles are even better.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Love seeing happy veterans with their equally happy quilts!

Kate said...

Happy smiles and beautiful quilts. Another perfect show!