Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 - 7/2

Hope you are all keeping up on the Allegiance Mystery quilt?  I LOVE it...  The final clue comes out tomorrow. be sure to check back!

The winner of the Fabric Draw was Dorothy in Washington - so her fabric will be on its way to her soon!  Thanks for playing along.

now ... to the Quilts!! The lovely Quilts!

We will start out with two that I think I have posted about on my daily posts - but not is a QOV quilt show... and they need their time in the sun too ;-)

This first one was made by my quilt guild and quilted by me:

 The blocks are really easy - you just take 2 wof 2 1/2 inch strips. Sew it together. Then cut them into 10 inch pieces and stack and sew them... Cool huh?

This one was made by Connie and quilted by me.

surprise.... another quilt to its forever home. You know I can't show all of them, but I sure like it when I get to share a few of these. I have never seen so many faces light up when a quilt comes out. It's like *ahhh... I am home***  Love it!

The next four are made by Becky in Boulder. She and her group meet every month and stitch away. They do such Beautiful work!.

I must say - this one really spoke to me... I LOVE the little blocks!  ( the one above and below were quilted by Betty Bin Utah)

It was fun to head over and meet up with Becky. She might have accidentally opened her door and I saw quilts!! So I sort of invited myself in.
 What talent Becky has... seriously - her quilts could be an exhibition of their own!   The one above and below were quilted by Debby Y in CO  

(below)  This is one of the block drive quilts - it was put together by Dee and Quilted by Jan F

This one ( below) comes from my Heartstrings group.... this is lovely - but just wait till you see the back!
It was quilted by Jan F in the Springs.

Check out that back!!! Do you not LOOOOVE it!!!!

This is another block drive quilt - it is from the scrappy trips drive we did. We still keep making the blocks, as someone ( who shall remain nameless... but blogs here) keeps filling up the 2 1/2inch strip bin. We may never see a bottom. Anyways - Connie put this one together and Loretta of Co Spgs Quilted it.

The next three were made by Pat - she blogs over at what talent!!

This one is named Sash of Stars

I really like this one ( above) I think that maybe I could use my small pieces to create something like this.
And then I get sidetracked. I LOVE hers!!

And the one below - Wow!
It is named Trip Around the World

This is Pat's third quilt. I didn't want to get to the end of her stack!! These are all so lovely!  It is named Framed

Come back tomorrow for the 4th and final clue in the allegiance mystery - Hope to see you there!!


Kat Scribner said...

GREAT SHOW Alycia!! I can pick 5 favourites.

Judy V. from Thornton, CO. said...

Oh my, I MUST fix myself another cup of coffee and admire the inspiring quilts over and over! I especially like the blue and yellow quilt from one of the block drives. And the one with the little blocks is just is easy to go on and on.

Terri said...

OMG! So pretty and wonderful. I picked the first one as a favorite, then the next and next. Well, they are all inspirational. Just love the ingenuity and generosity. You all rock! (Which actually means "Thank you for doing this for our guys and gals.")

Andee said...

They all look great!

Lorna McMahon said...

Gorgeous quilts all, but I am loving the red, white and blue ones this week. Especially the one with the cross shaped low volume center. Thanks for the show!

Anonymous said...

Love your quilt shows. I look forward to them and enjoy seeing all the pretty quilts and the wonderful quilting that is done on them. Thanks so much and keep them coming. Marilyn

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Just love your quilt shows, Alycia! Never a disappointment, always inspiring and so cool the giving nature of quilters :)

Kate said...

Such beautiful and fun quilts. Thanks for sharing them with us before they go on to their new homes.

DMJ said...

Beautiful and inspiring, as always! Thanks very much for sharing :)