Monday, June 30, 2014

Purple and Green

The boys and I decided to watch some Iron Man, and some other Superhero... and Maverick... because seriously.. there are only so many hours of Superhero time one can take.... I decided to cut into my Purple and Greens.

I really used more purple than green... but the effect is more green than purple. I still like it... it just surprised me!  I think I might have moved that solid purple block though after I snapped the photo... It still needs to be put into rows - but I had fun...  ( and then we spent the whole rest of the weekend roping... just wait till I show you those photos)

I also got another little quilt on the frame and am having fun with it... Did I ever tell you it is cooler in my Quilting Studio ( aka the basement)?

And because you know I love the outdoors.... can you see the storm moving in?

Enjoy your day!!!


scraphappy said...

I'm with you on the superheroes. Enough is enough. Green and purple look great together. One of my favorite combinations.

Kathie said...

Basement sewing rooms are definitely the place to be in summer.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your quilting! Hope you can eventually show the whole quilt!

Vicki W said...

My basement is just the opposite. It gets up to 80 in the summer and down to 60 in the winter. At least int he winter I have a wood stove for heat. For summer I have to rely on a fan.

Melinda said...

Love the quilting! Very fun and different.

Kate said...

Love the purple and green, cool colors are so much more fun to sew with during the hot summer months.