Monday, January 13, 2014

It has been a while

One of my goals is to get the under ironing board area all sewed up... and I would like to show my progress:

 Here it is again - the top left is all of my papers/rulers - Organized!!
The Second left.... it now is holding my crumb blocks for the RSC14 challenge. ( I have a head start I found a yellow one!! Whoot Whoot!)

In cleaning that cubby - I found all those 1/2 squares that I used for The Scrappy Book Quilt

and then I found these: ( below)
I was laying them up on the wall and they looked SO familiar - yet none of us could place a quilt with those colors right away... Finally!!! I figured it out - and I am so GLAD I have a blog - cuz there was proof that I was right!!

They are scraps from the 2012 Color Palette Challenge Quilts - specificially this one:January 2012

So now the scraps are up on my design wall - I have a plan - and I don't like the grey.... it's all a process right?

For more design walls - head over to


Missy Shay said...

It always feels great to feel like something was accomplished!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Look at you finding all of these goodies! I plan on cleaning some today, and maybe I will find some lost treasures as well?

Melinda said...

Good for you putting those leftovers to use. I'm also plodding thru cleaning up areas and when I found leftover blocks yesterday I quickly added them to the box of orphaned blocks - thinking Gladys.

Kathie said...

Your organization looks great, amazing what we find when we

Andee said...

We have the same ironing board set up, though I have a different color bin for each slot and have everything sorted by color. Very cool to see how you have it set up!

scraphappy said...

Love that you found a yellow block for the future. Sometimes I "cheat" and make blocks for future months.

Candace said...

These blocks look pleasing together. Looks like you have something very interesting started.

Kate said...

Very bright and fun blocks. Can't wait to see what you do with this set.

Bonnie said...

Great job on the cleaning! And, I am so stealing the idea of a box for orphan blocks. They are all over the studio now. Yea for organization!