Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2014 Quilts of Valor

I am back at it again.... Quilt of Valor online Shows!!  I just loved all the inspiration from last year - and my bucket list got way too big!! But I was inspired!!

First off - I want to show you two Quilts of Valor that were presented by Connie. Connie has been a Godsend!  She is so full of energy, and such a great person. I so appreciate all of her support and her friendship!!

She met these two Veterans to present them Quilts of Valor and they were SO tickled. One gentleman has just lost his wife, it was an extra blessing to him to receive a quilt for his service.

(ps - these are cell phone pics - but still - I love seeing them with their quilts!)

And now for some more Quilty Inspirations!

These four Quilts come from Monika's Quilt group in Colorado:
 This first one is completely made by Linda - and she dedicated it to her mom and dad - both WWII Veterans.

The second one is made by Jenni, Linda, Monika and Teddy. It was quilted by Linda

 The one above was pieced by Monika and Janette and quilted by Linda - and so was the one below!
Thanks Quilters - these are awesome.

The next 6 quilts were all pieced by Meredith in AZ, and Quilted by Ron O in New Mexico.
They are just fabulous!!

Check this picture out up close - it has an American Symbol quilted in ;-)

The one above reminds me of a sunset over the desert. The colors are just amazing.
Thanks Meredith and Ron for all your hard work!!

Hope you all enjoyed todays Quilt of Valor show!


Nann said...

Happy 2014, Alycia! Thanks for all you do!

Kat Scribner said...

Thanks for sharing the show, Alycia. I am always inspired.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Getting the new year started off right thanks for all you do!

Susan said...

Thanks, Alycia.

This is such a noble cause: t honor and comfort our Veterans.


phxquilt said...

What a wonderful start to the new year! Well done...again! :-)

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts to start the new year off with.