Thursday, December 26, 2013

More Quilts of Valor

I know - I usually do this on Wednesday  - but it was Christmas - and so - I hung out with my family! We had a great time being together. I was the first casualty of the packaging.. I cut into a package to get the present out, and sliced two of my fingers. Not bad - but enough I have bandaids and..... I stink at typing lol!

But there was a new Camera Battery inside and I *really really wanted* it !!!

Hope you all enjoyed the day, whether is was noisy or quiet....

The first 4 quilts in Today's Quilt of Valor showw are from the Columbine Quilt Guild in Arvada CO.
Two of them were part of a panel challenge - and I think they turned out pretty cool!

The Next to were Quilted by April W in Iowa.  This one was pieced by Judy L.

And this was was made by Ann A and quilted by April.

The next three quilts are all pieced by Nancy L of WA/AZ - I LOVE them!!!

This one was quilted by Sharee  ( inOR I think)
 Check out the back!!! I Love it!

Nancy sent this one to Montana to be quilted - but Laura....

 As well as this one. Isn't it cool?
Thanks Nancy!!

The next three quilts were pieced by Lori M in Nevada ( did I get it right this time Lori? tee hee)

Sue Smucker in Ohio quilted them for us! She did a fabulous job?

Thank you all for letting our Veterans Touched by War know how much they are appreciated.!!  Have a great day!


Kate said...

Beautiful quilts! What a great set to end the year with.

R & E said...

Beautiful as always, both the quilts and the sentiments AND the photos. Thank you Alycia for ALL YOU DO!

Happy New Year.

April West said...

Whoops, Alycia, the quilt by Judy was quilted by herself. I do not know who quilted Ann's quilt. They were given to me to send to you. I have a few that I have quilted that need to come your way ASAP. Thanks for all you do!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Beautiful inspiration! Thanks to all who donated and Merry Christmas! Gotta watch those Christmas gifts Alycia!

Tami C said...

Such lovely quilts! It really wonderful that people go out of their way to help our vets!

phxquilt said...

Smashing QOV show as usual! The imagination of skill of these quilters just amazes me!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are just so good at bringing inspiration to us. Love your quilt shows and I hope you will continue to do them for a very long time.
Happy New Year Alycia

Missy Shay said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas, sorry you hurt yourself though!