Saturday, November 09, 2013

WATERPIK Rainfall+ Showerhead winner

You know I was a little jealous that someone was going to win this shower head, and that I didn't have one.... But Bless Waterpik's heart!!! When they sent me the prize for one of you.... they sent me one to try too.

And umm,  it actually caused my kids to NOT argue with me when I said they had to take a shower ..... that alone makes it totally worth it!! It has earned RAVE reviews in our house. There is even a pause or trickle function.... it keeps the water warm while you are shaving ( the men used this!) and doesn't waste water!

You can read all about this showerhead at this post:

So are you ready for the winner of this showerhead?     

Drum Roll Please..............................

The winner is

Linda R in PA - !!!! Linda is a part of the King Quilters - so Linda - I will be emailing you to get your mailing address - and it will be on its way to you!!!

Thank you to  for being a sponsor in our Block Drive!!  Thank you all for your support and helping us honor our Veterans!!


Tami C said...

Congratulations Linda!!

Freda Fields Alley said...

Congratulations, Linda R! That looks like an awesome shower head!!!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific surprise. Thank you so much. I enjoyed helping with my friends at Kings Quilters, Marge and Cheryl. We did this project at my home and had such a wonderful time. Praying the quilt will truly bless someone. The 3 of us have a veteran in our homes. Thank you Veterans on the special day for all you did and all that you are doing. God Bless. Linda R