Monday, November 11, 2013


Patchwork Times in our Next Sponsor!!  I don't know if you read about Judy - but she is one amazing woman. I love her stories of life in Texas... and her Quilts - oh my!!!  AND!! She is an amazing author!!

You can read all about Judy here:

Judy graciously offered this book up as a prize!!! So Judy will be sending it out to:

Drummm Rollll please.......

Sally R in MN - Sally I will contact you and connect you with Judy!!! Thank you SO much!!

I just wanted to prove that these quilts bring smiles.... seriously - this Veterans could NOT stop smiling. He was so touched by his quilt!!! Thank you ALL for making this happen!!!


Terri said...

Smiles are good for the soul... thanks for passing them on, Alycia.

Tami C said...

Always wonderful to see a smiling veteran! Thanks for all your service!