Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quilts of Valor on 4/17

Welcome to another addition of the snowy , icy, and downright cold Quilt of Valor show. I have one small complaint and then.... life will go on..... my complaint - it is ice raining on top of our snow - people - I am not that coordinated to WALK in this stuff.... and my kids are laughing at me....  alright - complaint over....

The best thing about the Never Ending Winter is my wood stove is burning, and quilting is still at the top of my mind!!!

So!!! I received a box in the mail from  Leslie McSorley and I think - I cracked up laughing... there were three Quilts of Valor in it and the comment - "Since anyone who has ever been in hearing distance ( in person or electronically) of Kimmy Brunner knows you are the queen of QOV quilts... I thought I would send these orphans on to you."

Since I am really not the Queen of anything - other than feeding lots of children and animals - I will take it!!!

These three quilts of Valor were quilted by Leslie McSorley on ME - 
this first one was pieced by Lola W o West Milford Heritage Quilters.... 

 Isn't this a great design?
I just love it and the swirly quilting!!

This one was pieced by Anne S and Quilted my Leslie

 And the last one was pieced by Erika and Stephanie
Quilted by Leslie
I love the DNP quilts and the different ways they can be set up!

This lovely quilt was Pieced by Clara, quilted by Dennis, and  Bound by Colette
A lot of Love went into this one.
I am not sure if quiltville was where they found the pattern but Bonnie has one 

My Dear Friend Shari in Arizona has been a busy quilter!!
This QOV was pieced by Grace and Quilted By Shari!!
 Can you say *LOVE* on the polka dots???

 This one was both pieced and quilted by Shari
I love it!

This one was also pieced and Quilted by Shari
Told you she has been busy!!!

This next quilt is a pinwheel - pieced by the Friendship Quilters, and again
Quilted by Shari!!

This looks pretty complicated to me, i really like how the pinwheels get framed!

The last two Quilts of Valor that were in Shari's box were both 
Pieced and Quilted by Kathy B
I have always loved string quilts - 
this layout is wonderful!

This quilt -
No matter where you moved - gave you a different look
Quite amusing!!!  ( at least I enjoyed it LOL)

I hope you enjoyed today's Quilt show!!  I sure have a lot of fun looking at all these quilts. Just makes me wish my days were longer, and that I could pack a few more things into the day!! Enjoy!!


Kimmy Brunner said...

Do you think she means that I talk about you a lot?

Terri said...

Lovely show! Thanks for sharing!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Love seeing all these wonderful quilts. Now I need to get off my butt and get the ones quilted & finished that are laying here so I can get them sent.

It's been misting here all morning and I sure hope it doesn't coat everything with ice again like last week.

Jill said...

Thanks for sharing ~ I always love to see your QOV quilt shows :)

Judy V. from Thornton CO said...

Wonderful eye candy quilts as always!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff! Thanks for sharing the photos. I really love seeing these.

Marilyn said...

You do such a great service to the QOV community by posting your blog. Thank you so much for the inspiring pictures of all the lovely quilts. I love the pinwheels.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Those are some real beauties! Every one of them will be appreciated and loved. It's a good thing you're doing!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Loving these patriotic scrappies! Does my soul good to see these!