Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today's Quilt Show!!

To our new Readers - welcome!!!

These Quilts Of Valor that are featured here, come to me to be distributed to the Warriors in Transition Battalion at our Colorado post, at the PTSD program ( there are 3 that we cover) and at a few Therapy places that work with our wounded.

I know there are more that are being created to go overseas, and to other areas ( whoot Whoot) but these are what come to me. And I LOVE to show the beauty of our quilts - you all - they are amazing!!!

Sometimes people wonder how our challenge got started - so here you are:   The Start  And we have continued covering every incoming soldier in this unit - who has not already received  a quilt - and yes! I do ask..... ;-)

The first quilt in Todays show comes from Jackie W in Wilcox AX -
She calls it Sweet Dreams
I can totally see that - I would have sweet dreams snuggled under it!!

This one is pieced by Elsie and Quilted by Lois K. of Broomfield!
They made a wonderful team.
Elsie - i think - is the ultimate scrap Quilter!!

The next two come from Teresa in Denver.
I tricked her!
She said she had two quilts, did I want to meet up? So I invited her to our sew days.
Not only did she bring two quilts - I put her to work.
Evil genius - I am!!!

This one is from Teresa as well - 
I studied it! I Love those hexie flowers!!

The last one in today's show comes from Norece.
Norece is amazing too!!
I can not believe that amount of Quilts that girl makes!!

Thank you all for stopping in - and just so you know - these quilts are LOVED!!!  Here is how I know:

Not only did he smile.... he let me hug him - they help the healing people!!! I love it!!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Whoa Nelly, what a great group of quilts. . . and an even greater group of quilters! Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

What a great collection -- I wish I could get the patterns for a couple of them. I'm a real scrappy girl and I'm always looking for good R-W-B patterns for our QOVs.

Nancy said...

Fantastic quilts, ladies!

lisa0116 said...

Great job everyone! I hate coming to the end of one of these postings. I could go on and on and on reading about all the quilts and the recipients.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Great quilts for a great cause, and you are a great person for all the work you do!

Kate said...

Very pretty quilts. This is such a great program that you support.

LizA. said...

Beautiful, as always. I get so darn inspired when you show all these quilts but I really love it when you show the new owners 😃