Monday, February 11, 2013

February Block Drive Update

This weekend was CRAZY!!! I loved every minute of it, but none of it included quilting *sigh*  

THE. Best. Part.?  Opening the little packages that have starting coming to the mail box! 

The blocks for our Block Drive are arriving!!

 These 6 are from Tonya P in MO!

From Vicki in IA

From Carolyn in  PA

From Nancy in WA/AZ

From Nina in VA

From Julie in CO

 From Terry A in ID
There are 10 blocks there - I just forgot to spread them out ( sorry!)

From Cheryl in NE 

Julie in WA

I sure hope I got all of those correct! When I uploaded the pics blogger rearranged their order! Shew - and brain puzzle! I LOVE all of them - aren't they going to be just awesome when put into tops??

So - this is my design wall for today!
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Nancy said...

This nice variety of blocks will make some great QOV. Nice job, everyone!

Terri said...

They are wonderful!

Julie Crooks said...

So fun as others used some of the same fabric I used in my blocks. :-) I can't wait to see the finished tops/quilts!

Jill said...

These are awesome. I can't wait to see them all put into quilts. I mailed you my blocks today after work :)

Kate said...

Beautiful blocks. They will make great tops.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Those are going to make some great QOV's..........Mine are a'comin'!

lisa0116 said...

Beautiful blocks folks! I used some of the same fabrics in mine! I made 55 and need to get them sent to Alycia. Trying to figure out the best shipping method from GA. Looked at the Flat Rate packages yesterday. Well, the stack is too big for small and too small for medium sized flat rate boxes. LOL! Any suggestions out there what to do for best rate on shipping/mailing?

wendiq said...

Lisa, I found the same problem so I purchased a padded envelope and plan to get them sent tomorrow. Not sure what the postage will be but I do plan to send it parcel post (as cheaply as I can). I've only got 35 blocks though so the weight will be different. Postage is becoming an issue..:(