Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rock Climbing

We have a climb wall in town - one that you use with harnesses and belays and real smart guides... and my boys LOVE it!!!  We went the other night to climb with a group of kids from the church and they had a blast.  

The boys did so well that the instructor asked them if they wanted to try it blindfolded... seriously - blind folded..... oh boy

This was my attempt at being artsy - how did I do?  
(tee hee)

Part of the exercise was to learn to trust your partner... I think the mischievious boy in the green might no tbe as trust worhty as the boy in the front ( both my sons!)

They had to practice their team work at the lower levels, and learn all the calls and the things you say to your partner so they know whats going on.

Little bit went straight for the hard climb - and made it!!

Middle Bit Blindfolded

Little bit blindfolded.

Crazy kids aren't they?

It was a fun night, and I think I took over 200 pictures - it was too fun!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, talk about lessons for life! You're a very brave mom.