Thursday, September 27, 2012

Judy's Quilt

Judy brought me this quilt to quilt, and I really really think that she meant for me to have it. But every time I hint.... or even outright say it... she says no   *sigh*

I really like it - and I know how she made it, so I am now on the lookout !!!

Isn't that just a cool quilt?  So funky and black and white - and ... oh I just love it.

I had some fun quilting it
Lots of texture to it, and oh! it was so fun!

Here's the back!
Now seriously - wouldn't this be a great quilt to have?
In your house?
On your couch??

Now - to scare you...
My cousin is going thru some old family photos. 
And she has been scanning them in
And I have been giggling!!

I have no clue when this was taken - but I sure don't remember it - 
On the left is my Paternal Grandma, then my Maternal Grandma, then my Dad's sister and then me!  ( I'm the short one in this picture) I think I grew to look down on all of them !!

I am pretty sure that my Maternal Grandma made her dress, as well as mine. She was cool that way!!


beaquilter said...

cool quilt, first thought you took a b/w pic to shoe contrast, then saw your carpet..... fun old picture too

Missy Shay said...

I think those patterns in the clothes are coming back in style, except in cotton! LOL

Ranch Wife said...

That is a great quilt - I'm toying with the idea of making a black and white quilt too - they are so striking. I'm going to add a pop of lime green - I think.

diana569 said...


Isn't that your Union Jack that 24 Blocks posted on Facebook about an hour ago! That's a great quilt!