Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I sewed!! Yay!! I tell you - it has been so crazy around here lately, that about all I get to do is look at my fabrics.... but not Sunday!!

Sunday was our QOV sew day and boy did we get a lot done!!

A few of our Sew'ists dissappeared before I wrangled everyone in for a photo - but
we made ..... ( drum roll please)
52 Pillowcases
Bound 13 Quilts
and took 10 more home to be bound!!!

Woo Hoo

Oh - and Gisela stopped in with THIRTEEN quilt tops for us to work on
Kathy and Connie brought 5 tops!!

Oh boy!

I came home so inspired
that I worked on my string QOV - and here is the wall so far

I need a bigger wall!!

Please talk to Wrangler Man about that for me - would you?

To see other desing walls head over to


Gypsy Quilter said...

What great team work!

Impera Magna said...

Must make your hearts just fill up to realize how much good you all are doing! Even made me smile way over here on the East Coast!


Nancy said...

It's always fun to get together with friends and do something for others at the same time. Nice job, everyone!

Norece said...

I love your string quilt, reminds me of ripples in the water. Congrats on all you guys got done yesterday. Thanks you.

Funky's Mama said...

Congrats on all your QOV quilts! And I also love the one that's up on your wall now. Did you ever make "God's Eyes" in camp, you know, with the sticks and the yarn? It reminds me of those. Anyway, fabulous!

Cathy Tomm said...

A great looking string you you have on the go. Good colour for QOV too.

Shirley Hammelef said...

Alicia, Just sent my Mystery quilt to the long armer. Thanks for the guidance. It was my first mystery quilt and I really had fun. Enjoy your blog every day!

Bonnie said...

Great QoV work day...or should it be fun day? I love the string quilt. That would be a great way to use some of my blues. But I never have enough red!

Ranch Wife said...

Goodness! Those machines must have been smokin! Your string quilt is gorgeous! Dear Wrangler Man, the way to your wife's heart is simple and it does not require a trip to the jewelry store or bouquets of roses. A larger design wall will bring a sparkle to her eyes and put a song in her heart which in turn will garner you countless brownie points. :)

Gari in AL said...

Wow, what a day you had. And I really like your string quilt. I have made a few string blocks but they have not held my attention long enough to become a quilt. Need to get back to them: love mindless sewing every once in a while.

Dar said...

Alycia, your QOV string quilt is great looking. Nice going on your group efforts too.

Brita said...

What a gorgeous string quilt! Sure does have lots of strings!! Can't wait to see it finished.