Wednesday, May 02, 2012

QOV Quilt Show

Check out these Quilts of Valor... I am sure you will find some inspiration here!!
I did... my poor bucket list is turning into a NoteBoo!!

This first quilt comes from Miracles - my Denver group, and was quilted by Wanda....

This scrappy number was pieced by Jeanne of Greeley and 
Quilted by Brian C of Wray CO
He did an awesome job!!

So - a little funny.... the upper management people on Post had a belief that all our quilts were made by women !! I LOVED being able to show them this one and say... quilted by a MAN!!! 
They were tickled too!!

This next quilt came from Bailey Patchworkers in Bailey CO
it was quilted by Roberta .... 

And this one came from Roberta in Bailey. I did not meet these people, or even get to talk to them in person - but based on the labels - I am assuming the Roberta who quilted the previous quilt - is the same Roberta who pieced and quilted the quilt below.
Someday I should just make up a story huh?

This next quilt was made by Mary Giarratano in memory of her father
Dale Collett
I really love that!

Enlarge these pictures - and check out the quilting in the white sashing!!

The last quilt for today 
had no name on it... but came from Stephanie P in Windsor , CO

Don't forget you can keep track of our deliveries and stats over here ... Because of you wonderful quilters - we sure can comfort a lot of Veterans... I LOVE it!!!


Nancy said...

"we sure can comfort a lot of Soldiers and Marines"....I sure hope you also give quilts to airmen and sailers, too.

Melanie said...

These quilts are all showstoppers, but the longarmers really take the cake! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

Each one is a beauty:)