Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saturday Inspirations!!

Its getting close - the Easter Bunny is coming... but these Quilts will keep you hopping with lots of new ideas!!!   ( pretty good huh? LOL)  None of these quilts are bound in the pictures - so ignore the little bits of batting....

This quilt was made by Connie and Kathy - and Quilted by Patty B in Falcon CO

This one was made by Jane at my Church ( Greeley Wesleyan) 
and quilted Connie P of Co Springs

I know the close up is a little blurry - but Click on it - it is really pretty!!!

This quilt was made by Gisela in Montrose - she is also a part of the Heartstrings Yahoo Group - and it was quilted by Linda B and her granddaughter K - who is 9 years old!!! I love it. Her grandaughter wrote a letter to go with this - I can NOT tell you how meaningful that is!!!

This lovely basket quilt was made by Gail S and Jean C of Ohio! It was quilted by Andrea B of Divide CO - truly a breathtaker!!! 

This is one made by my Mom - Sue - she made it from the Not so Top Secret project pattern found Here    and it was quilted by Anonymous... which means I get the credit right??? Just kidding!!

Here is another Quilt made by Connie and Kathy - I tell ya - those two are whirlwinds and amazing!!! It was quilted by Michelle O of Greeley

This beauty was made by Candy C of New York and Quilted by Judy P of the Denver area ( I forgot exactly what town she lives in!)

And this very last one for today was made by Agnes K and quilted by Karen F - you have to click the close up - the quilting is phenomonal - We all wanted to keep this quilt for some oohhing and ahhhing!!

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy your holiday!!


Impera_Magna said...

Beautiful quilts.... I will never run out of inspiration seeing these...

Great job, ladies!!!

Bonnie said...

You've got some beautiful quilts for eye candy. I really want to try several of them but I know I've got too many things started and don't need something else new! The quilting on them is great too... are you computerized? I'm sure several were computer driven rather than these rather non-artistic hands! LOL. thanks for sharing them.

Nancy said...

Another wonderful batch of QOV that will be cherished by the soldiers.

Pat R said...

Wonderful and beautiful!! I love your 'quilt shows'!!