Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

Wow - what a week!!! My sweet dear ol' dad had to have surgery - and he was so kind and considerate - that he chose a hospital right next to my favorite quilt shop!!!! Can you believe it? Well - okay - there were 3 shops in the near area!!

And all the damage I did was to by some Kona Cottons. I bought a white and a cream - for backgrounds for two quilts that I pulled all the other fabrics for. So you know it will be 2014 before I start... but I HAVE the fabric!!

Last week we were at a dog show, so I missed posting my report - so two weeks combined!

Fabrics Used this last 2 weeks:    6.5 yards -
Borders for my Red quilt, and the start of UFO #8 - althought it was kitted it had not been counted out of my stash - yay me!)

Fabrics Used Year to Date:         271.72 yards

Fabrics purchased last 2 weeks:   8 1/4 yards
Fabrics In Year to date(both donated and purchased)    183.04

Fabric Busted Year to Date:            88.68 yards

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Impera Magna said...

It's always okay to buy basic fabrics... esp if you have a PLAN for them!


Amy said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad...I hope the surgery wasn't too drastic :0(

Way to buy, but to keep that "bottom-line" in-check :0) AWESOME numbers!

Kathie said...

Hope everything is ok with your dad. Sounds like everything you bought has a purpose, that is what I am trying to do instead of just buying for whatever.