Friday, February 04, 2011

Take a little walk with me

I thought that I would take you on a little tour with us this morning as we do chores, but then I remembered that Wrangler Man likes to do chores at 0'dark thirty - and the camera won't pick anything up!

So, like any good blogger (tee hee) I remembered my camera when we went to walk dogs and check waterer's again.

The frost on the trees. We are a pretty tree-less place because of the winds. We planted these trees ( there were 8 of them) about 15 years ago. These 2 have survived well - and have many offspring on other parts of our place.

We just liked the frost on the weeds ;-)

This is Little Bit and his puppy. I think that is as full grown as he will be ( the puppy, not the kid)

My sweet dog, she had been sniffing out the rabbits!

Puppy, Little Bit, and My shadows - the big one to the left - thats the cow hay stack -
for the roping steers.

The view across the field - Not too bad on a cold morning!

Meet Dixie. She wants to say Hi, and remind you to bundle up!

This is Mac - he is 200 years old.
Okay - just kidding, but he is getting up there in age. He was (and is) Wrangler Man's
calf roping horse. He competed with  him when he was in college.....
( see he is old, right? LOL)

Looking East from the horse corrals. It was an unmarred picture, until my sweet dog made her footprints everywhere.... she had FUN!!


Vicki W said...

You live in a beautiful place!

Cheryl Willis said...

ice on trees is so beautiful, we got a lot of snow and luckly not the ice.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Looks downright chilly, but very pretty indeed. A good day to stay inside and sew I'm thinkin'.

Impera_Magna said...

Beautiful photos... thanks for sharing... I'm in the South where we just have cold rain right now...

Stay safe and warm!

Sandra said...

This makes me miss the mountains. Tho it is cold, it is beautiful!

JoAnne said...

Hey Alycia, those pictures could be Texas this week! We have snow on top of ice - we're ready for the meltdown. But I have gotten a lot of sewing done.

Judy V. said...

Your photos are just beautiful. My eye keeps coming back to Dixie's picture... Love your new photo next to your blog, too!