Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Quilters Accountability 2/2/11

So, yesterday I had to go to a new doctor - and he asks me - "Do you work outside?"  I thought that was an odd question - but I answered  "well - Yes" . He says " What do you do?

Umm - really? - well - "In the winter I feed a lot of animals, run a little ranch, and work dogs...." he says -" I meant do you work outside the house - like a real job? "

I wanted to explain to him that his *real job* in a heated building with running water that isn't iced up, and needing to be broken so that the animals in the freezing cold temps can survive - Does. Not. Count.    But I didn't, I was nice and smiled and said - "oh, umm, well, No"

That said, I have spent a. lot. more. time outside these last two days!!! And I am liking quilting when I am inside!

So - Last weeks list -

1. Finish the borders on Yellow quilt #2 - the challenge was just for January so sheesh I should have it finished before the 31st right?  Done!!! Cheek it out here:

2. Bind the quilt I just quilted  : Done ( see the right picture, and the binding even matched!!)

3. Work on Scrappy Rail Fence Yep - I got it to the layout status. I now have it pinned in the rows, with numbers on them, and back in its ziploc bag for our February Sew Day.

4. Load up for Sundays QOV sew time!  Done - we sewed on Sunday and had a great time!

For this next week:
The Color for this Months Monochromatic Challenge is Violet - so I went an looked for all the purples/violets that I have - and here they are. Now I need to figure out what to do with them. I have about 3 ideas, but NO focus!!!

So TO DO's
Number 1: is to decide on a plan of action with violet.

Number 2: Get out UFO #10 and get a plan for getting it done

Number 3:  - well - I guess I am not very ambitious this week - I can't think of what else I had on my to do list - we have quite a few kids' activities, so maybe that is my goal - to get every kids where they are supposed to be, and not lose them!!


To see what others are up to, or to join in , go to
Remember you have till 8 tonite to get in on the drawing for the postcard book if you are interested:


Julianne said...

You have been busy.

Julianne said...

I wonder if the kind doctor would like to try breaking ice for the livestock just one winter..Heck one month. It might just feel real then. LOL

Trish said...

You have been busy! Yeah, I think seriously about 'inviting' him over the help you with your "stay at home, non-working chores". Or smack him upside the head. :) *evil grin* I like your yellow quilt. And you have some pretty violets! I will have to be patient to see what you decided to do with them.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Idea . . . small churn dash for the violets. It will perk you up when you come in from the frozen north.

Shelly said...

Poor Doc has a skewed idea of what a real job is, doesn't he? Can't wait to see what you do with the purples -- you did fantastic with the yellows!

Anonymous said...

That is atrocious! That doc does need knocked up side the head! I would like to see him keep up with you...feeding stock, breaking ice, homeschooling, kicking hiney on Quilts of Valor, customer quilts, not to mention housework and cooking!

Some folks have no clue. As my hubby says, you can't cure stupid.

I am with everyone else - can't wait to see what you do with your purples! I am envious of you all with your monochromatic challenge, but I just can't take any more on right now! But I have been thinking maybe placemat - a full set for the table when I am done? Would that work?

Keep it up, you are doing great! You are still my hero!


Kathie said...

the Doc needs to get real!!!

Nice accomplishments for the week.

Amy said...

Great job Alycia!!!! Our roles have completely reversed!!! You're putting us all to shame :0)

Oh, and....I don't know if I could have been as "nice" to that doctor as you were. Ugh....AS IF! ;0)

Happy Almost-Weekend.

Pat R said...

Oh found another man (the doc) who thinks women who are not employed outside the home don't 'work'! He doesn't understand that keeping up with 3 active boys, running a matter how small...and taking care of all those QOVs is more then a full time job. So sad to see an educated person that is so uninformed....*sigh*. Well, WE appreciate all you do!

Stephanie D said...

Time to find a female doc.