Sunday, October 10, 2010


First off - something happened to my No Soldier Forgotten page. Last time I added stuff to it, it was correct. When I went to make updates today - it had erased ALL that I had done since June!!! So - Please note that as of today it is all wrong. And I don't know that I have the energy tonite to fix it. I may just cheat and leave it be.....

Second off - I have LOVED taking pictures of these Quilts of Valor. This was a blast. I kicked the kids out of the front room, and started snapping!!

Here are 4 Quilts that came from Judy L ( ) She had a quilt a long this summer and said that if you got the top to her by a certain date she would quilt them and send them this way.

The first one is from Kathy C

This second one is from Dianne - all the way in England!

This thrid one is from Judy D

And last but not least - from Becky

In my mail I was also surprised to recieve 6 pillowcases from Wyoming! Thanks Nancy! ( ) She also sent me a quilt to quilt - but you will have to come back to see that.... just don't wait too long *grin*

And Ruth in PA sent me a bolt of fabric for backing. I LOVE it, and have already cut into it!!

You guys are truly amazing!! I sure appreciate you!!!

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Pat R said...

Wow! You got some great mail! I think quilters are just the best, most generous people around, and we definately appreciate all you do to coordinate this!