Monday, August 23, 2010

State Competitions Day 1

My boys made it to the State Archery and State Rifle Competitions down in the Lovely town of Pueblo. The competitions were on 2 different days so we made a weekend of it.

The first competion was the .22 . It was on dirt, and on dusty dirt, and I think we had dust everyone on us, and in our clothes... but my dons did very well and had a good time.

After being out at the Dry Range, we were able to move inside to the Air Rifle range... it was air Conditioned. I liked it!  In fact, I encouraged ALL the boys to compete in Air Rifle next year.
We did not stick around long enough to hear all of the results, because we had to get to different locations for each event. But youngest had his best score of all time - 62, and earned us all a candy bar ( yes, I do admit to bribery, it was HOT that day)

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