Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quilters Accountability 8/25/10

All I can tell you is I am a homebody and my body has not been home, and I am tiiiiirrrrreeeeed. I have about 4 more away things in the next 4 days and then I think I am boycotting. I think I will empty the car of gas and be stranded - right?

I haven't gotten much of anything done, but have had a good time doing it!
We spent days at the State tournaments, met with my "ladies" in Denver, have been to 2 soldier graduations, and even got to a historical location. And in all that - I have gotten in a *little* sewing on my project.

These are the two blocks that are done. And at this rate I will have it finished in 2032

These are two more blocks in progress. So again my goal for the next week - finish a block or two!

On the other hand - My friend Lyn told her friend about QOV and he gave us some monies to buy backing fabrics. So I cut 2 more Quilts of Valor out for our Sew Day this weekend. I also organized my Red White and Blue String bucket - and....

are you ready for this? I was OUT of RWB strings - I love it. And no - this is NOT a request for more, this is an opportunity for me to cut up some more fabrics. I so love to cut, and it was quite theraputic to see the box get fuller. So I will take those this weekend too - and we will have 3 projects to work on. And 3 quilts to bind. And chocolate - should be good right?

Allright - the boys are hungry... So if you all want to see what else folks are working on, or even join in our little To Do lists... head over to Baris at

You all have a great one, and wish me luck on my lack of home bodyness for the rest of this week. I am trying to stay happy and NOT grumpy about it *giggle*


Linda in TX said...

I so love being at home that I resent the days I have to get my hair cut, go to the grocery store, pick up stuff at WalMart, even get my nails and toes done. I buy everything possible on the Internet so I don't have to go shopping - nobody would have believed that 10 years ago! I like the blocks - I'll try to hang around till 2032 to see the finished product.

Shelly said...

I feel your pain. We've been traveling way more than I like to (and I like to travel), but I'm so ready for some time at home . . . good luck with your plan. I sure hope you finish before 2032. I'll be legally blind by then, and I won't get to see it!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I am a homebody too, and I have been doing way too much running - but at least not long-distance all day running.

I love your blocks. If I live that long I will be here reading your blog in 2032 (how old would I be then anyway?)!

Hang in there!


Julianne said...

I am also a I feel your pain. You are doing such wonderful things while away. Love your blocks.