Friday, October 23, 2009

Longmont Quilt Show

Last weekend was the Longmont Quilt show at the Boulder County Fairgrounds - in Barn A - which I couldn't find until the nice man said " See that barn with an A on it?" Huh- you mean you are supposed to read signs???

It was a very nice show - their guild had a lot of awesome quilters. And Jeananne Wright was there doing talks on Bedturning and antique quilts. She had some on display. Oh my! She said she has probably over 600 quilts. So for those you say you don't need any more - this is proof that THEY ARE WRONG!!! You always need another quilt!

Two of the Three boys went with me, because they think I will get lost or come home with too much fabric if they don't, and Wrangler Man thinks they can keep my in line.... Just kidding! The show was kind of slow first thing in the morning - till everyone had their morning coffee. About 10 am it was a rocking and a rolling.... so what do 2 boys do until people are there?


In the afternoon I sent my middle child out with the camera - and he got some great shots of the quilts.... and he said I could share them with you.... so here ya go:
The first one is a watercolor quilt with applique's on it. The lady that made it sat next to us for a while. She was very very nice.
The Stars one with the Red and White stripes is a Buggy Barn Pattern - K thought that would make a great Quilt of Valor.

This dog one was too funny - there is a corn dog, a hot dog, a bird dog! Too cute!
I am off to a science Magic show - and then football. So when we get home tonite we will draw the winner of the scraps - and spend the weekend tallying up the votes... and testing them. The scrap pile has grown quite a bit, cuz I spent more time sewing this week then quilting. Must have needed it... especially if I wanted to find my cutting table again.....
See ya tomorrow!

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Vicki W said...

I love seeing quilts displayed on beds at shows. Looks like it was a very good show!