Monday, June 01, 2009

Answers to Questions

1. So what's next for you? Something new and different? ( From )

~ Finding new ways to encourage everyone to make a Quilt of Valor. Talking at guilds around Colorado, and.... having a booth at the Quilt show in Loveland on the 22nd of August.


2. Did you take a pic of the pile before you started distributing? Does the chaplain say I need x quilts and you take that many or did you somehow deliver 700 quilts at once? (from )

.... You know I did take a picture - but I don't know where I downloaded it to. I will have to look. The second deployment filled an entire van.... and part of a surburban and I forgot to take pics of it. It was raining - I don't look good in the rain, my hair frizzes, it embarrassing....

We took what was asked of us to take. The first trip took a van and a trailer, the second the van and a surbuban.


3. Are we doing this again? ( from Sue S in AZ)

yes Ma'am - I am up for it if you all are!!

The Numbers needed are a hard thing to keep up with. I will tell you about this base, as all other bases may be different. But the Wounded Warrior unit houses soldiers from lots of units, not just those deployed out of Ft Carson. But every time a new Battalion deploys the wounded number surges. So they try to keep up. So we will just be communicating and doing our best. They think that there will be approx 200 new soldiers to be coming into the unit by Sept/Oct...... so we are off to a good start at quilts to meet that number.

I tell you -they were Truly blown away that any group would even try to do what we did. And that we want to try to get a quilt to every incoming injured soldier.

And the soldiers -they try to be tough, they are tough. They are really shocked that someone wants to thank them, of give them this gift of a quilt - but I know that they are so touched that someone cared enough!


Hope I did okay?
Come back tonite for the start of Not So Top Secret Project Two!!

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Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Thanks for all the answers. I have another QOV on my frame right now. I am so glad you are up to continuing doing this project because I have given quilts to most of my friends and family and now I have a reason to keep making quilts!

You are wonderful!