Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Well I don't know - I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere.... Okay that probably dates me - but I remember that in a commercial!

My kids were off of school until the 9th so I think I played!! We saw the movie Enchanted, we went to Focus on the Family to the kids area, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science - and then I went to sleep!! Ha

At the museum - my kids kept asking the docents all these waaaay tough questions and then the docents would turn to me to give the answer. Finally I told one of them - I don't know why you are addressing me - I was lost at the question! They had a great time though - we went into Space, and into Botswana Africa, and to the North Pole, and we saw a Polar bear... ohmy!!

As far as my UFO's go I only have 2 left. One has 2 blocks and the borders left to do - and the other hasn;t even been started yet. So I feel like I have made some progress. I have been plugging away on the Bonnie Mystery quilt - I still have step 5 to do - but I really don't feel too far behind.

On the stashbusting side - well I stash gained..oops!! I saw the cutest airplane print and a panel. The panel is the instrument panel of a plane - and you probably didn't know this but I am a pilot and it just struck my fancy. I think I will probably make me a big stuffy pillow out of the panel and then can pretend that I am flying when the weather is bad.

Okay - Oh I know - My oldest son decided to make a pillowcase! This was exciting, hes a great planner, not so great executor - and he finished it. He made it for the soldier that his class sponsors in Iraq. He put a white edge on it so that all the kids could sign in - isn't that cool? The kids at school thought he did a good job too!!
Well - the nasty winds they said were coming are here! I can hear them, and I have some studying to do, possibly laundry ( don't want to overextend myself) so I guess I ought to stop rambling....
A person on the radio said that every day they had started thinking of 5 things they were thankful for, and it really helped them change there attitude... so I may try that every once in a while.
1. Met my Dad for lunch
2. Dropped off 5 customer quilts
3. Dinner is all ready!!
4. Hanging out with my kids.
5. Have fabric to sew on
Have a great one!

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Tracey in CT said...

Only 2 UFOs?? I am so impressed!!
Your son did a great job! Hugs to him for being so thoughtful!